First music session
When you come to House of Music for the first time, you take place in the waiting room. Your Master Musician will come pick you up there and bring you back when your music session is finished. 

The parents are more than welcome to join your first music session, or join the last 10 minutes of the session.
Cancellation sessions
As a Student Musician, you make a commitment of 1 school year, from September until June. 

If you do want to cancel your sessions early, we ask a compensation of 75euro.  
The membership fee of 30€/ school year is never reimbursed.

If you stop, you need to inform our administration: info@house-of-music.be immediately so we can cancel your classes. 
If you don't send an email, your cancellation is not official and we do not refund those classes.

Music Material
You will need music books and an instrument as a Student Musician. Your MasterMusician will inform you.
If you would like to buy an instrument, we advice you to ask your MasterMusician first before buying the wrong instrument or paying too much for an instrument that is maybe not the best for you.

For books, the MasterMusician will tell you which ones you need. At Crescendo Music Shop, you can find it all.

For the starters we always use "Musical adventures" of Hanne Deneire, to learn the music theory. 
This is our own published book so you can buy it at House of Music.

Our Mission is to have 1.000.000 children discovering the magic of music all over the world.
Our method Children are Composers introduces children from birth in a playful and creative way in the world of music. Enjoy the musical discoveries and let the creativity flow! 
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